Association Mains des Bains (english)

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Created in 1993, « Mains des Bains » is a non-profit association of independent and qualified masseurs. At the Bains des Pâquis, we massage in 2 spaces, in 3 dimensions and in infinite and subtle variations in an area which is at the entrance of the sauna-steam bath-Turkish bath complex in winter and at the back of the space reserved for women in summer. New this winter: our masseurs follow the new sauna schedule and sometimes work until 10pm!

The 15 members of the association offer you at unbeatable prices and in 15 different and charming personalities several ways to relax and to better listen to and respect your body. Namely: sports or relaxing oil massages, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, shiatsu and even baby massage.

These techniques are performed with respect and care, to relax and increase well-being. And all at unbeatable prices!

The rates are applied in agreement with the AUBP and the goal is to offer a range of care within the reach of everyone’s budget. Because of these very low prices, the massages are not reimbursed by insurance providers.

The masseurs of « Mains des Bains” share the work schedule. The schedule isn’t easy to remember, but you can call us to find out when a particular masseur will be at the Bains. You can also contact them at their private practices while waiting for a future appointment at the Bains site. Call us and we will be happy to give you their phone number. More information about masseurs here.

Mains des Bains, phone: 022 731 41 34, call us on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9 am. and 12 am. for inquiries and to schedule your appointments. And to share the happiness, don’t forget our gift certificates.